What MarketTrend Does

MarketTrend.com was created to allow all levels of investors and traders the tools to identify significant price levels and patterns occurring in stocks. Ultimately, to give investors and traders a better understanding of financial markets and to better see how, where, and why prices move. With MarketTrend.com's powerful stocks screening tools, we do just that. Website scans are updated daily, roughly 1 hour (5PM ET) after the U.S. stock market closes, and show stocks that are at major levels of chart structure, or trigger one of our many scans. Just because a stock is listed on the site, doesn't mean that the company is one you should short or buy. Our screens identify stocks that have the potential to be of interest to retail investors. This data gives you as the investor, the opportunity to plan trades and chart on your own preferred software or broker. MarketTrend.com is not a charting tool, but serves as the cheapest and best high level preset stock screener today.



Stock, Option, Currency, and any trading on any financial market poses a high level of risk with total loss of initial investment possible. The information found on MarketTrend.com should not be considered financial advice in any way. Neither MarketTrend.com, nor any of its employees, are financial advisors and all of the data found on the site should be used for informational and learning purposes only. Just because the terminology "trend", "bullish", "bearish", etc. are used on the site, does not mean that the stock will rise or fall in the respective direction of the terminology. The words used are descriptive of the past action of the security and have no claim to be predictive of what the security will do in the future. MarketTrend.com is in no way responsible for any of the losses or gains that any of our platform users incur. Data is pulled from third party providers and screener results are updated approximately 1HR after the closing bell (4:00PM ET). MarketTrend.com makes no claim to the accuracy or reliability of the data. All site information and data is displayed as-is.


Privacy Policy

MarketTrend.com will never sell or disclose any user's private information to any third party, for any reason.

Refund Policy

MarketTrend.com does not permit refunds. Subscriptions are paid once per month and should be canceled at least 5 days in advance if you do not wish to be billed for the next subscription cycle. MarketTrend does not allow yearly subscriptions and will never contact you or accept payment outside of the website for any reason. If you have any questions regarding your bill reach out to us and a representative will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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